128th Air Refueling Wing Community Council

128th Air Refueling Wing Community Council



128th Air Refueling Wing Community Council

A letter from Ret. Colonel Ted Metzgar, former commander of the 128th:

General Mitchell Air National Guard Base in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – home of the 128th Air Refueling Wing – is perfectly suited to receive and employ the Air Force’s next-generation air refueling aircraft: The KC-46A Pegasus. The Wing stands as a beacon of strength and prosperity for Southeast Wisconsin, providing a longstanding commitment to serving the people of the state and the nation, as well as a proven economic benefit to the region – all making it an undeniable candidate for the KC-46.

The 128 ARW has a storied career of exceptional service both at home and abroad, and serves as an engine of economic activity, generating an annual impact of over $84 million to the local community and supporting 1,650 state jobs. In return, the Milwaukee area provides excellent schooling options and durable job and housing markets for Airmen and their families, who move to the area and embed themselves in our communities.

The 128th Air Refueling Wing’s proximity to several regional universities is also a major advantage for pilot retention and recruiting efforts. In fact, the Wing has been committed to developing skilled professionals, with over 50 career opportunities and $1 million in annual college tuition benefits. Transitioning to the KC-46 would provide additional training opportunities, further enhancing the Wing’s workforce and benefiting the local community.

Not only is the 128th good for Milwaukee, but it’s the best choice for the KC-46. Positioned in the Northern Tier, the Wing plays a critical role in homeland defense and global reach. Its strategic location enables efficient refueling operations over Canada, contributing to national security efforts. Moreover, the 128th is home to exceptional facilities, boasting updated infrastructure, including a microgrid project, new fuel storage facility, and future pipeline tap for improved energy resilience. There is also a new Alert Facility, refurbished operations building, Small Air Terminal, clinic, fire station, and a new Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.

With backing from community leaders, local officials, and businesses, the 128th has garnered widespread support for the KC-46 proposal. The united support from the community underscores the significance of the mission for Milwaukee and the entire region.

In short, selecting the 128th Air Refueling Wing for the KC-46 program is not just a sound strategic decision; it’s a testament to our commitment to supporting our Airmen and securing the safety and prosperity of Wisconsin and beyond. With its unparalleled capabilities, unwavering community support, and dedication to excellence, the 128th is poised to excel in its mission and elevate the region to new heights.

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About the Community Council:

The 128th Air Refueling Wing Community Council works closely with the community and political leaders to ensure the 128th receives the necessary support for its mission and sustains its presence in Milwaukee with the most modern equipment. In addition, the Council educates its members on the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s mission and responsibility to support our national defense.

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